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Of Course it’s Perfectly Normal

Saturday I was doing some random straightening/picking up (because even though my house is never spotless I try not to always live like a cave troll). If you’ve been here a while, you’ll know I have a sickness when it comes to books. My current TBR* pile is actually multiple piles and numbers well over ten, mostly because I got a little behind after getting Lasik earlier this year (turns out my eyes got tired faster for a while while healing…I’m working on catching up).

My book hoarding tendencies are only applicable to this post because I was shelving in my library when I saw him, and nearly peed my pants.

Please ignore the dust….that was supposed to be part of Saturday’s activities until this little bastard interrupted.

Do you see him, slyly making a rude clowny face at me from behind one of my two favorite authors of all time? Oh, you can’t? LET ME HELP.

Pennywise, a la Bill Skarsgaard, not Tim Curry

Rest assured, I know who did this. I called her and opened the conversation with “what the fuck is WRONG with you?” to which she laughed and laughed and laughed and said she couldn’t believe how long it took me to find him.

I suppose I deserved it after putting said Pennywise in the center console of her car.

Or another version of Pennywise under the seat in another aunt’s car. Um. Yeah I deserved it. Fair’s fair.

And now, he will be distributed to another member of the family. In a spice cupboard, a bathroom cabinet, under a car seat, quietly lurking behind a chair…oh yes, he’ll find his way to someone’s place soon.

Because tormenting each other with clown figurines is what makes us a loving family.

Seems like this post might be a good word of warning…

*To Be Read: a stack of books numbering anywhere from one to infinity waiting for visual consumption.

2 thoughts on “Of Course it’s Perfectly Normal

  1. Funny!! I used to hoard books. Bought them new but never read them. Had good intentions. Finally donated them to the school. Awesome you got Lasik done!!


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