I don’t have a problem…

In follow up to my post extolling the remarkable awesomeness of Cait’s present, I need to point out the awesomeness of Zack. Who gave me a Witchking helmet ring, a knitted “zombie” coffee cozy, and this:

To be hung in my library/office. As a warning? Or an explanation…

Indeed, it IS perfect for me.
In other news, I managed to drop my toothbrush in the toilet Saturday morning. Ever have those moments where time slows down but you can’t move any fucking faster? Yeah. I set it down on the sink. I promptly (in my normal clumsy manner) knocked it off said sink, and watched it flip in slow motion into the toilet bowl.

Stop judging me. I hadn’t had coffee.
Of course I forgot to buy a new toothbrush when we were out causing trouble running errands this weekend.

Oh, I also tortured my dogs. I took them to the groomer (THE HORROR!). Because I’m fucking tired of the hairsplosion (the shepherd has been in mid-winter shed for 2 months, and he’s already killed one vacuum). Thor thought the experience, complete with Furminator (which I envision as a giant robotic hair sucker that says “I’ll be back” at the end of the appointment) was FABULOUS. He was all perky and excited when I picked them up, proud of his shiny coat and blue Petsmart kerchief.

Chewy was…less than thrilled. Great Pyrenees require daily grooming, and with the accident and everything else last fall going on I’ll admit I’d gotten lax. He had some mats, and I opted to let the groomer just shave him instead of tormenting the poor dude with hours upon hours of de-knot-brushing.

Chewy is now naked.

I hate you Mom. I’m so embarrassed.


This coat doesn’t even fit. My butt’s cold! What’s WRONG with you?

That was Saturday. He spent most of the day lying on the floor next to Husband, staring woefully at me with accusatory attitude and large, forlorn sighs. Luckily, biscuts have made things better. 

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