Indeed, I’m not dead. I just feel that way.

In the past couple of weeks we’ve packed up all our shit, loaded two very anxious dogs into the back of the truck, and caravanned ourselves from Minnesota to Texas. Between the job I started the Monday after we got here and the living in-between-houses situation, I couldn’t get my blog updated since we left.

But I have some random notes from the trip. Some might make sense.

  1. Thor and Chewy haven’t been on a trip that long, ever. Thor is excessively whiny, in case you didn’t know. (Not you, Chris Hemsworth, I swear!) Therefore I drove about 1400 miles through a monstrous rainstorm AND dusty heat with the goddamned window open a crack. Because if I didn’t, anxiety-pants-Shepherd cried.
  2. Dear City of Burnsville: I actually can’t run for city office. Please stop emailing me.
  3. Oklahoma is beautiful. Seriously. I’d live there except for one key thing: ALL FUCKING RADIO IS COUNTRY. And not just current country or 90’s country, which I rather enjoy. Oh no: 60’s country. And bible radio. I was rather glad the window was open…so I couldn’t hear the radio.
  4. The Super8 motel just south of Kansas City was…well, we didn’t pick up bedbugs so I guess it was ok.
  5. I rear ended myself in Dallas.*
  6. Armadillos really are speed bumps. Huh.
  7. Dear Texas drivers: what. the. fuck. WHAT THE FUCK??
  8. New job is super extra strict. **
  9. Back Yard!! No scorpions, snakes or giant dog-eating spiders.
  10. Yet.
  11. Husband has been attempting to alienate all our friends and family in Minnesota by pointing out often that it’s 80-90 degrees here. It snowed a couple times at home since we left. In the end of April.
  12. Yes. MN is still home in my mind. I keep saying it and catching myself.
  13. Popeye’s doesn’t have fucking mac & cheese here!! What the HELL??
  14. Day 7. Still no stuff, but the appliances showed up so at least we can wash clothes.
  15. Holy shit we have a lot of stuff…especially when it’s all missing.
  16. By virtue of changing our address on every goddamn bill…it’s really time to get our finances in shape. Seriously. I do NOT want to change this many addresses ever again.
  17. All will be well: we have cable and interwebz.

I imagine pictures and such will be loaded up sometime tomorrow. I’m excited to sleep in tomorrow.

On my air mattress.

* It’s true: Husband drove my mustang, I drove the SUV. In order to keep up with the mustang with all the crazy-ass drivers who cut you off with NO space between the cars, I had to tailgate him. He stopped at a red light…I stopped too. Too late. Luckily, we were going nearly 0 mph and neither car is damaged at all. It was a horrible foreboding moment of the terrors of driving freeways in Dallas, though: I think I nearly died four times.

**No cell phones. No casual Friday. Long hours. No second jobs. No dating coworkers (well, that doesn’t really apply to me, but you know). The first day was pretty culture-shocking after the past few years at more casual companies, but by Friday it has become mostly ok. Met some really cool people, made some friends.

It’ll be fine.

I think.

2 thoughts on “Indeed, I’m not dead. I just feel that way.

  1. No second jobs. That is strict.We drove 1,000 miles to visit family and then drove it back later in the week. We did it without dogs, and my husband did the driving, and I still almost died from all the sitting in one place.


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