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Update: Invasion

This isn’t a real post.

If you’ve been keeping up, you already know I grilled the spicy fly nest I found in the lid of said grill over the weekend. Then I grilled the wasp investigation team that filled up the grill on Sunday to check out the dead nest.

Yes, I’m mean.

No, I’m not sorry.

Yesterday, I opened the door to the deck to let Ragnar out and found four wasps between the screen door and the main door, checking out ways to get into the house. So they’re apparently attempting an invasion.

Is this what a wasp swat team does (maybe “swat” isn’t the best term for an insect invasion force, but there you go)? Did one of the spicy flies pull the wasp version of Twitter doxxing and swatting?

As I don’t have napalm or anything more powerful on hand, a good vinegar spray seemed to annoy them enough to leave.

Yes, it’s possible I’ve been in quarantine/cancer isolation a little too long.

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